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#taggme Lost & Found Starter-Package

With the # taggme products you quickly can find lost things!
The Package includes 1 keychain + 5 sticker

• Inclusive preprinted random code
• Keychain made ​​of durable plastic
• Size keychain: 3,5mm x 40mm
• Stickers are UV-resistant and outdoor-capable
• Size per sticker: 4cm
• Free registration on taggme.net

Ideal for smartphones, laptops, purses, bags, keys and everything that should not be lost.
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With #taggme you can register and #tagg your things, that they will find always there way back to you. If you lost one of these things and someone will find it, is able to contact you within a few minutes. You do not have to reveal your identity. The #taggme keychains and stickers are suitable for all important things like e.g. smartphones, iPads, purses, bags, keychains and many more.

On taggme.net you can register free with the supplied code and administrate your things or register more #taggs. If you lost an object with a #tagg, it can be seen for the finder that it`s a registered object and he will be invited to enter the #tagg (Code) on taggme.net.

Our tip for sailors and frequent travelers: #tagg your carry-on luggage, purse, mobile phone and keychain. This allows the finder to contact you immediately direct during your vacation. Especially on vacation many objects are never found again by their owners, because the effort of an investigation or to search for the next lost and found office is simply too high.

Additional Info

Additional Info

#taggme is a Lost & Found Community Online Platform, which brings people and things together. Because not only humans have a history, but also things. Many things that we own, shape our own story. We`re loving it and we don`t want to miss it. And these things will always find back to its owner if they are lost once.

With #taggme people come together, their encounter is a positive experience.

Register now at: taggme.net